Karl Holm, City Missionary of New York
"Immigrant Who Made a Difference"

Norwegian Karl Holm, (1877-1960)
City Missionary of New York

His Majesty, King Haakon of Norway, appointed Karl Holm
Knight of St. Olav’s Order, 1 st Class.


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I have made this website in memory of Karl Holm whom I am very proud to say I am related to through my great grandmother Rakel and her husband Jakob whom was the brother to Karoline whom was married to Karl Holm. 
But more than that I am related to Karl Holm in Jesus Christ.  Karl Holm was my grandmother Ruth's uncle.  I hope that many will see what he did for Scandinavians in New York all those years helping them and leading them to God!
- Reidun Friestad